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2010-09-13 11:18:02 by ConteDePatiernis

sorry for future gramatical errors, I'm italian, and I TRY to speak englesh well.

Hello everybady!
I'm the Conte De Patiernis (means "Earl of Patiernis" in italian)
I am a great fan of all the animatione make by all of you,(not ALL, but a lot of you) .
I didn't post on internet a lot of my animation and draws, but I did a lot of them for school projects and other events.

What about me, I have a lot of interest, I like all kind of art, expecially animation, I'm a grat videogamer/retrogamer, with a great knowledge history of videogames, and I'm a great Sonic fan, but not very happy for his latest game... DAMN YOU SEGA!

I hope we get on well!